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Malaysia general election 2013 by Master Yuvaraj Sowma

‘Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak is going through a favourable period as his stars are all aligned positively,’ says Yuvaraj Sowma. – M. Azhar Arif/The Star.
As election fever rages, politicians seek out astrologers for clues to what their future holds.

IS one’s fate written in the stars? Many an astrologer would bet their bottom dollar on it. And only just recently one such practitioner was in town to give his predictions on the outcome of the forthcoming 13th general election (GE13).

According to Yuvaraj Sowma, a seventh generation astrologer and vasthu sastra (ancient science of architecture) master from Chennai, India, the planets seem to favour Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak over opposition leader, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

“Najib was born on July 23, 1953. His moon sign is Scorpio (Virchika). He is going through a favourable period as his stars are all aligned positively,” says Yuvaraj, 44.

Najib’s life number is 5 and he is supported by Jupiter while, Anwar (who was born on Aug 10, 1947) possesses the life number 1 and is supported by the Sun,” he says.

According to him, Najib’s life number (based on his birth date of 2+3) and the polling date (May 5) are both associated with the number 5. This similarity means that Najib’s luck is further reinforced, Yuvaraj claims.

During this 30-day period (between April 14 and May 15), the planetary positions also favour the PM as “Jupiter, an important planet, will be moving into an important and friendly position in May.”

Saturn and Jupiter, he adds, are two powerful and important planets during this period, and they seem to favour the PM.

Yuvaraj was in Kuala Lumpur recently on the invitation of some politicians who want to know how they will fare in the general election. He was invited after The Star had carried a story on him giving his analysis on the favourable dates for the poll based on Najib’s astrology readings.

In the case of Anwar, an Aries (Mesha), Yuvaraj says: “His planetary positions as indicated in his birth chart are rather weak during this period.”

Explaining further, he says that during this period, the Sun is in the most powerful position in the Aries sign.

However, Indian astrology is based on the Moon sign and not the Sun sign as observed by Western astrology.

“Hence, those born under the sign of Cancer (Kataka), Leo (Simma), Scorpio (Virchika) and Aquarius (Makara) will shine in politics because the planets are well positioned for this purpose,” he says.

“But if the Sun (Anwar’s case) and Mars are powerless in an individual’s birth chart, there is only a slim chance for the person winning a seat or even becoming a politician.”

On May 5, polling day, Yuvaraj says: “May is a favourable period for the GE13 as the people are in a happy mood.”

“Generally, the Sun is the most powerful star but the current period sees the Sun aligning with three other planets – Mars, Venus and Kethu (dragon head), a celestial planet. Mars and the Sun are the hottest planets. So there is a kind of cheerful emotion that people may have during this period,” he says.

Yuvaraj says: “I’m not taking sides with any party but have based my analysis on the individual’s birth chart. In astrology, a person’s destiny cannot be changed and what is meant to be is based on the position of the planets.”

Selecting candidates

In India, political candidates are picked to stand in the general election after the individual’s particulars, such as birth date, year, time and place of birth, are analysed based on Vedic astrology and not because the politician is liked by the people, he says.

“Every individual has his or her favourable and unfavourable period in the birth chart. We need to determine which period he or she is going through by the positions of the planets during a particular period.”

In the past 19 years, Yuvaraj has done readings for about 80 politicians who sought his advice on their political careers. He is a hereditary astrologer, has authored a book on vasthu sastra and published a monthly magazine on astrology in India.

“My readings are 80% accurate,” he claims.

Yuvaraj has lectured on vasthu sastra around the world, including the United States, Australia, Malaysia and Singapore. He has also provided private consultations on over 7,500 residential and commercial properties. A graduate in Commerce, Yuvaraj conducts classes on vasthu sastra in Mylapore and Chennai.

Astrology, he claims, is a powerful predictive science that not only forecasts the future accurately but also tells of the past and present.

This ancient knowledge has been practised since the early days for all eventful happenings; and the knowledge is incorporated in all major decision making, like business, partnership, marriage, travel and migration.

Yuvaraj says that major decisions must not be made based on “gut feeling” but on “scientific calculation” for accuracy.

Astrology, he contends, is not a question of beliefs but what he calls a fact of life because “we are all governed by the nine planets which have influence on us.”

“Each planet has a specific influence on a person’s horoscope and this determines the person’s mood, actions, health, happiness, peace, prosperity and well-being.

“Just like how the sun’s rays can determine our state of mind and mood, owing to the rays it emits daily which are visible and felt, the planets also radiate vibrations which are not visible but interact with our body, mind and spirit.”

He says: “All our actions are influenced by the nine planets. So when the planets come into favourable positions, our actions will yield positive results. Hence, by providing the correct date and time of birth, one can get 90% accuracy in astrological readings.”

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