Monday, December 15, 2014

Vasthu on lips, Prime Minister Narendra Modi takesIndia’s Northeast corner ( Ishan kon) by storm

Guwahati: Prime Minister Narendra Modi borrowed heavily from Vasthu Sastra as he termed the northeast, India's Northeast corner ('ishan kon' and said the region must be taken care of to ensure the country's well-being.

 Flagging off Meghalaya's first train and laying the foundation for the       Bhairabi-Sairang broad gauge rail line in Mizoram here on Saturday, Modi resorted to ancient Indian design principles to highlight the Northeast’s importance in his government's scheme of things.

 "Those who believe in Vasthu Shastra know that the 'Ishan kon' of a house should be taken care of. Likewise, the northeast should be developed for the progress of the country. The northeast (comprising eight states) is the 'Asta Lakshmi' (eight goddesses of wealth and prosperity). Proper connectivity and infrastructure will transform the northeast into a region of prosperity," Modi said.

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